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Bridging the gap between dental patients and clinics - Tandläkare.se

It is not always as it seems…

When I first embarked on the Tandläkare.se journey, the mission seemed straightforward: create a platform where patients could easily book dental appointments. But little did we know, our initial vision would quickly evolve.

What did the patients really needed?

After analyzing the legacy data from Google Analytics on the old website, we realized our initial assumption was incorrect. Rather than searching for routine dental check-ups, the majority of our users urgently needed care. Many users did not even know which specific treatment they required. This insight was a game-changer. We reimagined our search bar, preselecting "Akutid" (Urgent Care in English) and the "As soon as possible" option. The result? A significant increase in conversions and increased satisfaction among our clinics' customers.

Lost in Treatment Translation

Despite our progress, a challenge lingered: clinics had different names for treatments, often infused with their branding. To tackle this, we organized treatments into broader groups. While the clinics retained their unique treatment names, our platform grouped them under unified categories. When users picked a category that made sense to them, they were presented with the specific treatment names from each clinic in their search results.

From Confusion to Education

The challenge of introducing users to new dental treatments persisted. Our answer? Fakta pages. A hub for patients to demystify treatments they previously found elusive. With clearer understanding, users began exploring treatments beyond just urgent care.

Wrapping Up the Dental Journey

My experience with Tandläkare.se taught me that user needs are like dental issues: diverse, complex, and often not immediately apparent. There is still work to be done to ensure that we are providing relevant information to patients, easy integration to clinics, and more ways for patients to find the perfect dentist for them - one who understands their unique needs. Whether they are a student in need of a budget-friendly clinic or an expat in dire need of someone who can understand them, one thing is clear: there is no end point. There are only new problems to solve and more people to help.