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The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs needed a consulate website to serve as an informational hub for administrative papers, such as passport, ID card, and marriage certificates. The website would be a one-stop-shop for all relevant information and would allow users to access the information through a search bar or by clicking through cards. Each document process would have a detail page explaining the required documents, fees, and process. Additionally, the website would include a consulate embassy finder feature to help users locate the nearest embassy or consulate.

Problem Statement

Before the development of the consulate website, users had limited options for obtaining information about administrative papers. They could either visit the consulate or embassy in person, or call for assistance. In some cases, users were unable to locate the embassy or consulate due to outdated information on Google Maps or other online platforms. This made it difficult for users to obtain the necessary information in a timely and efficient manner.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. User experience research

3. Wirframes and Information architecture

4. Stakeholders workshops and feedback collection

5. User interface design

6. Follow ups with devs and Design QA


The main challenge of this project was creating a website that would be both informative and user-friendly. The design team needed to ensure that the website was easy to navigate and that users could quickly find the information they needed. Additionally, the team needed to develop a consulate embassy finder feature that would be accurate and up-to-date.

Design Process

  • Empathized: Conducted interviews with users and stakeholders to gain deep insights into their needs, pain points, and expectations. Also engaged with ambassadors and ex-diplomats who provided invaluable first-hand insights.
  • Defined: Developed and defined user personas representing different user groups after a comprehensive analysis of the gathered data. Translated the processes and requirements for administrative papers into a user-friendly format, ensuring consistency and unity.
  • Ideated: Performed a competitive analysis to discover industry best practices and identify potential areas of improvement. Conceived the idea of translating content into multiple languages to make the website accessible to a broader audience.
  • Prototyped: Designed wireframes and transformed them into interactive prototypes based on the insights and ideas from the previous stages.
  • Tested: Conducted user testing with the developed prototypes. Engaged the ambassadors, ex-diplomats, and users for testing the prototypes, which helped refine the design to better meet all user needs and expectations.

Throughout the design process, the team worked closely with the ambassadors and ex-diplomates to ensure that the website was informative, user-friendly, and met the requirements of all stakeholders. Their contributions were invaluable in creating a website that met the needs of both Moroccan citizens and foreigners.

Targeted Audience Description

The personas developed for this project included:

  • Adil, Moroccan living in ItalyAdil is a Moroccan citizen who recently moved to Italy. He needs to renew his passport, but he is not sure where the Moroccan embassy or consulate is located. He also needs to know how he can get an appointment and what documents he needs to prepare. Adil is tech-savvy and prefers to find information online rather than visiting the embassy or consulate in person. He speaks both Italian and French but is not proficient in Arabic.
  • Fatima, Moroccan living in FranceFatima is a Moroccan citizen who has been living in France for several years. She needs to obtain a marriage certificate, but she is not sure which documents she needs to provide. She has tried calling the embassy, but has not been able to get through. Fatima is not very tech-savvy and prefers to visit the embassy or consulate in person. She speaks French fluently but has limited proficiency in Arabic.
  • Jad, Moroccan living in the United StatesAhmed is a Moroccan citizen who has been living in the United States for several years. He needs to obtain a visa for a business trip to Morocco, but he is not sure which documents he needs to provide. He has visited the embassy in person, but the process was confusing and time-consuming. Ahmed is tech-savvy and prefers to find information online. He speaks English fluently but has limited proficiency in Arabic.

These personas illustrate some common needs and pain points for Moroccans living abroad, including difficulty locating embassies and consulates, confusion around required documents and processes, and communication barriers due to language proficiency. The consulate website aims to address these issues by providing clear and accessible information in multiple languages and by offering a consulate embassy finder feature to help users locate the nearest embassy or consulate.