My story, as briefly as I can put it

Hi, I'm Moulay. I was born and raised in a small village near Marrakech, Morocco. At the age of 10, I taught myself basic French, which helped me enter the online world. By the time I was 12, I already had experience using tools like Adobe Photoshop and Flash, although I had to rely on French tutorials since I knew very little English.

I studied electrical and mechanical engineering at university, but my passion for design and branding led me to take a two-year course on multimedia development. This was where I learned about web development, graphic design, 3D modeling, and video editing. After completing the course, I started my own e-commerce business that focused on selling hardware components, but we also did research and development on the side, working with universities and agriculture businesses. This venture taught me about website management, content creation, sales, digital marketing, and growth hacking.

During this time, I also helped start a co-working space in Morocco. This experience gave me my first gig as a UX/UI designer, where I worked with doctors to design a simplified surgery simulation app that made surgeries less scary for patients. This project was the catalyst for my passion in user-centric design, leading me to join a special UX training by Google. Since then, I've worked with various agencies and companies, including SQLI, where I worked as a UX consultant on some big projects for Morocco's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Banque Populaire. Today, I'm a Product Lead for Detech AB in Sweden, where I led the redesign of Tandlä to help dental patients find the care they need and dental clinics to get more visibility in the digital space.

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